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Town of Midland Customer Service Survey

Let the Town of Midland know how well (or poorly) they are doing from a customer service perspective!

The Ironic Integrity Weapon

Withdrawn. I wrote the original post while not at my best and regret doing so.

Dig Down the Barriers

Having heard the complaint the the Town of Midland doesn’t care about accessibility and being aware of the efforts being made to decrease barriers downtown, especially during the King Street Rejuvenation, I decided to get some information to provide to anyone interested with whom I am able to share the information, including visitors to this site.

Risking Portal to the Void

So I’ve done it. I’ve initiated the deletion of my Facebook account (they don’t actually delete it for thirty (30) days in hopes you’ll change your mind). Apparently a rather crass (but popular) cartoon show I never watched had a rather popular episode where one of the characters was sucked into the void because he tried to leave Facebook, hence the title. I found the majority of time I was active on Facebook is when I was mentally unwell.

Two More Poems From the Archives

Two more poems from the archives. Twice from Nov 1994 and Wake the Dragon from March 1999.

And I Thought My Finances Got Messy

Apparently the Town of Midland’s internal finances were a bit ‘messy’ but according the new CFO and ‘Financial Leadership Advisor’ there is no impact on audited statements and it is not something to be worried about, but reflects ongoing improvements in the financial systems / organization at the town.

Drugs and Trafficking in Simcoe: Possible Good News

Maybe it’s not all bad news. Perhaps the issue is that big city criminals are getting desperate to find new income sources as legal pot, covid-19, and task forces on trafficking reduce their markets.

WIP: 23 (Title To Be Decided — Song of the Free?)

This is work in progress poem I am occasionally poking at, but I like the concept enough to share it before it is finished. I hope you, the reader, find something enjoyable about the piece, rough as it is.

Time Is Running Out: PSA

The Town of Midland Age-friendly Community Plan Survey is ending August 31, 2020. If you care about seniors in the town you should really fill out this survey, pass on the word, especially to seniors, and help them fill out the survey! I’m not sure anyone local actually reads this blog, but just in case I thought I’d pass on the information.

Essay From the Archives: Princes and Madmen

I still rather like this little piece I wrote a long time ago, so I’ve pulled my thoughts on Princes and Madmen from the archives. I hope you like it.

Beating an Encrypted Horse

Midland Encrypted Police Records or C’mon Folks, Elvis Has Left the Building. There is an offer of settlement in principle, it’s been reported settled except for details, and the councillor involved claims he considers it over. Actions on the other hand…

Poetry From the Archives

I’ve begun the gradual pull of things of items from archives into the new site. For the moment I have picked two poems from 1994 - 1995 which is the period when I was first diagnosed with a mental illness. These poems are not obviously poems related to my mental illness (there are others, which I probably won’t share, which are), but the fact I was writing poetry at all had more to do with a need to express myself due to being in crisis than due to fancying myself as a poet or an author of fiction.

Moved 'professional' away. This is personal.

I’ve moved my “professional / technical” content to This site will remain my personal website. You may observe that there a number of other changes to the site, not the least of which is a ‘less formal’ font and theme for the site (for now at least). I’ve decided the theme I’ve been designing is really still too experimental and needs to be relegated to test mode while I pick away at it.

Mutual Aid in a Fragmented Society (COVID-19 Response)

The following are a couple of emails I wrote and sent to a number of people because I want to use my skills to help in this crisis, but have found it difficult to find a useful way to do so. It’s rather frustrating to say the least. These may not the most exemplary emails in the world, but I think they are reflective of what a number of folks feel, even if for different skills, or other concerns.

MPS Encrypted Data

MPS Encrypted Data Note that date of article is date first item (at end of this page) was originally published, not the date it was consolidated and moved during a rebuild of the site. My (hopefully) Final Thoughts on the Matter I now think this has been way over-dramatized and ended up a sideshow that it didn't need to be, and Councillor Gordon now characterizing it as a data breach is beating a dead horse.

Candidate Q&A #2

What are the top three things Council did right prior to this election? How do you intend to ensure such successes continue? What could prevent such successes in future? What are the top three things Council did wrong prior to this election? What realistic measures do you / can you (with the rest of council) implement to ensure that they do not happen again?

Answers #1-9: Midland Election 2018

The Question Are you prepared to allow adjournments of new business when it is clear that more information is needed? And what would constitute such clarity? If necessary are you prepared to revisit the rules regarding handling of council meetings to accommodate such needs? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 Yes. It is not appropriate to make a decision on anything in life and especially when it affects others if you don’t have all the info.

Answers #1-8: Midland Election 2018

The Question Are you prepared for remote participation in council meetings, including upgrading A/V equipment and applicable IT, and/or other means of ensure a councillor is able to fully participate when valid circumstances (and how would you define that?) dictate that they cannot attend the actual council meeting? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 Yes, most certainly I do. We need to embrace accessibility and alternate means of attending.

Answers #1-7: Midland Election 2018

The Question How do intend to respond to the consequences of the ransomware attack and/or applicable staff’s preparedness (or lack thereof) to such attack, and how do you intend to ensure staff ensure this does not happen again, and do you consider it adequate and/or desirable to offload IT and/or network to the County, and why? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 I am not an IT tech or security specialist.

Answers #1-6: Midland Election 2018

The Question How do you intend to respond to the legalization of pot and [the] matter of private retail operations potentially opening in Midland, and why? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 Feel free to watch my video on Facebook. If we are not FB friend, look up Carole Ann Louise McGinn. I need to know what YOU want. This must go to vote. We ought to say no for now.

Answers #1-5: Midland Election 2018

The Question What do you intend to add or enhance for activities for youth, particularly tweens and teens in Midland? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 Maker Space is a new thing coming to Midland Public Library and I like Maker Kids space in Toronto. Tweens and Teens – issue is boredom, rebellion, peer pressure and lack of enriching and social interactions. This needs explaining. There is nothing wrong with down time and time to relax and do nothing.

Answers #1-4: Midland Election 2018

The Question How do you intend to encourage and ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing in Midland? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 I like the structure of Rent Geared to Income (RGI) co-operatives, am interested in the ideology behind “tiny” houses, feel we could learn from Orillias project “Building Hope” and think we need to support and spearhead transitional housing. We could become the place that others look to for increases in Healthy Living Index markers.

Answers #1-3: Midland Election 2018

The Question What is your opinion on the Tiffin Bay Association (if I have the name right) only All-Candidates meeting and what I believe are fairly obvious optics around that? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 I will interact with all people, businesses, groups and associations. It is my responsibility to remain unbiased, unprejudiced, sincere, not beholden to any one group or person and prove this by being available to everyone and accountable to everyone.

Answers #1-2: Midland Election 2018

The Question After the 2018 election what concrete means and methods of ensuring that you are in fact representing the majority of your constituents, and not just those who happen to be have a connection with you already, or small numbers of individuals or groups that develop a a connection with you and/or your own personal opinions and predilections? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 I plan on sending out update mailers, sharing when I will sit with coffee in hand and be waiting for company, giving people a call using our streets as a guide for ensuring I at random call a home on as many streets as possible.

Answers #1-1: Midland Election 2018

The Question How much do you know about what the new Downtown Safety Committee is working on, and how prepared are you to listen to and implement their recommendations? Carole McGinn (Nicols) – Wednesday, September 19th 2018 I can’t know everything about all things but I can know who to ask and then go see them. That is a very important first sentence. Other people and groups have their area of expertise and passion.

Candidate Q&A #1

A Note About the Answers Answers in ‘normal text’ are the candidate’s written response and are taken verbatim. I use italics for my words such as summaries of verbal responses and/or pointing to websites at the request of the candidate. The Questions and Links to the Answers How much do you know about what the new Downtown Safety Committee is working on, and how prepared are you to listen to and implement their recommendations?

Midland 2018 Q&A Site

A very basic website created to publish information relating to the Town of Midland 2018 Election as seen by a constituent by the name of Daniel Dickinson. The initial purpose of the site was merely to host questions Daniel Dickinson asked of all candidates based on concerns he was hearing from others combined with his own priorities. While, after taking the site live Daniel considered adding commentary and opinion related to the election, he found out about the 2016 changes to third party advertising rules and needed to find out more information to ensure he was not on contravention of this new legislation.

Princes and Madmen

A strange idea came to me in conversation the other day, namely that my experience with schizophrenia helps me understand, just a little, what it must be like to be Prince William. I say this because one of the most persistent symptoms of my schizophrenia is the feeling that everyone is talking critically about me. Some of that feeling is likely due to the fact that thought patterns formed while ill remain even after the physical cause which created those thought patterns has been treated with medication.

Wake the Dragon

Therein lies the slumbering beast; To wake or to die. Wake the slumbering beast, or let it lie, Yet it will rise. Wake the slumbering beast of old’n yore, of ancient speech, and older way, though none shall say. Wake the slumbering beast or let it lie? Wake the slumbering beast or let it lie. Wake the slumbering beast at your peril, Let it lie For lives untold. Wake the slumbering beast

About The Trash

There’s smoke in the air and music pounding in my ears There’s cracks in the floor and glass under my feet There’s hope for me and for you Only we must meet Tell me how it ought to be Tell me what you want to see Tell me. Dance with me and watch me fall in love Dance with me and we will be Dance with me. Crowds of people


Tis twice now that friendship and love have died twin deaths what was wasn’t and what wasn’t was to speak more plainly; in retrospect twice, best friends, weren’t. Perran November ‘94

Thoughts On a New Room

I have a space of four walls between me and the world It is a mess but it is mine A private kingdom A world all my own A place to hide, to think, to play It may never see another soul, it matters not, for it is mine.