We need to get off this rock before we blow it up or cause it to go Venus!1

  • Poor Man’s Pancakes
    Many, even in my own country of Canada, might think that homemade pancakes every morning would be a dream come true, but after two and half weeks, I’m glad I have more variety again! It’s… Continue reading Poor Man’s Pancakes
  • Personal(ity) Minority
    Since I’m working on planning my future and I happened to find out that the local college is having a virtual open house, I decided to take their ‘Career Assessment’, which turns out to be… Continue reading Personal(ity) Minority
  • Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!
    Today is Donald Trump’s last day as the president of the United States, and the first day of their incoming president who at least speaks of unifying the country. The US, for better or worse,… Continue reading Today the World Will Be a Little Better — We Need That!
  • T -2 And Personal Reset
    No it’s not the ‘big red button’! T -2 means out reality is going to get a bit of reset toward sanity, normalcy, and cooperation. My goal is to also use this opportunity for a… Continue reading T -2 And Personal Reset
  • Fixing a Post and It’s T -3
    I must have fallen asleep between starting and finishing my Covid Cut Day 21 post since I posted on Jan 12 that it was T -9 to Biden’s inauguration and then end of Trump’s presidency.… Continue reading Fixing a Post and It’s T -3
  • Local Artisan Supporting Mental Health
    A local artisan who makes handmade leather products (currently totes, hand bags, and journal covers) presented on their work at the Midland Public Library MakerPlace a while ago. I was unfortunately experiencing some health issues… Continue reading Local Artisan Supporting Mental Health
  • Computer Art
    Hah! I bet you were expecting me to have to be posting about computer-generated art, not art I’ve created with a computer as the subject!
  • Covid Cut Day 21, T -8 and an Epoch Fail
    It’s been a busy five days since I last posted, but first: after three weeks my covid desperation self-cut is looking like it could use a bit of work!
  • A Question That Frightens
    How much damage can Trump do in the thirteen days that remain in his term? Barring a 25th amendment removal or an impeachment the current President of the United States (Donald Trump) has ‘only’ thirteen… Continue reading A Question That Frightens
  • Covid Project Blues
    Sadly this is not a post about a Blues music project during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s just me whining about the fact that one way or another I’ve wrapped up all my tech projects and… Continue reading Covid Project Blues
  • Covid Cut – Day 14
    Well 14 days later it’s still not horrible, and really much different from a professional cut at this point in the hair growth. I’m surprised, but not about to make it my regular. Related posts:… Continue reading Covid Cut – Day 14
  • Rotten Eggs and SPAM
    Apparently when one has a site that has a custom contact form one don’t attract the same level of spam messages as if one has standard blog software contact forms and comments. I suspect this… Continue reading Rotten Eggs and SPAM
  • Frontline Still Forgotten
    In a previous post I opined that we need to remember forgotten frontline workers like grocery clerks, on the assumption that health care, including LTC (long term care) workers were not forgotten. I was apparently… Continue reading Frontline Still Forgotten
  • Data Responsibly
    We need mandatory third party security and privacy audits to matter as much to the directors and shareholders as financial audits. Shareholders wanting to be protected from fraud and misrepresentation by companies understating the risks and overstating potential rewards for the investors is what had lead to governments requiring public corporations to have third party financial audits.
  • Ads ≠ Tracking
    There are sites that do ads right; I don’t block their ads. Too many sites though tie their ad displays to tracking and analytics and I don’t view them because I block tracking and analytics; the ads are collateral damage in the war for my right to decide when I want to be private and when not.
  • Updates for New Year
    You may have noticed some minor upgrades to the site (like a feature image for most posts and a sitemap) as well the name change. I decided that it made sense to stick with the original name of the site, in part because it is the name of the domain on which I am hosting it.
  • Covid Cut – Day 1
    Day 1 of my covid desperation (self)-haircut looks okay, but I’ve noticed that if it gets out of place it looks a lot worse than a professional haircut. We’ll see what it looks like in… Continue reading Covid Cut – Day 1
  • Why This Blog Doesn’t Cover Family
    It’s not just that I live alone, nor is it that I don’t think about family (and friends and others), but that I don’t generally like discussing personal details of other people’s lives in a… Continue reading Why This Blog Doesn’t Cover Family

1Ok so I exaggerate, it’s only Earth becoming hostile to most species — including humans…

And of course we’re not going to be able to make a mass exodus, so we really need to work on what we’ve got down here!

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