WIP: 23 (Title To Be Decided — Song of the Free?)

Publish date: Aug 28, 2020
Tags: poetry

This is work in progress poem I am occasionally poking at, but I like the concept enough to share it before it is finished. The title has yet to be decided and I don’t really like the working title I had for it, so you get a poem with only a partial title.

In any event the beginning source of inspiration is obvious, but it draws from a number of (mostly subconscious) influences.

I hope you, the reader, find something enjoyable about the piece, rough as it is.

Yeah though I walk through the vale of death
I will fear no evil
I have no rod and no staff to comfort me.

There is no guard and no guide, and no one by my side,
yet will I lay me down in green pastures
and find the still waters.

I acknowledge no master, nor have
knowledge of any god,
or spirit.

I do not bend before the fury of the winds of the day,
nor do I bow or break before the storm.

I seek not solace in dreams of heaven,
I do not fear the depths of hell,
nor the dull joylessness of purgatory,
for I have known them all.

I pay homage to no prince nor power,
nor worship gods or demons.

Neither do I claim deification
or pride of place.
I claim, only,
to be