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Council Still Busy

There is a lot happening at town council these days — the past few session have all had 'big' stuff, and this week (Wednesday, September 17, 2019) is no exception.

Town Presentation to Council and Press Release of Council Decision

August 14, 2019 Midland Town Council meeting saw a presentation regarding the encrypted hard drives for which the encryption keys have been withheld (Midland Police Services Controversy) and a decision to pursue legal action for the handing over of the keys and possible legal action against Bill Gordon (currently a member of town council).

This week: Two Heavy Council Sessions

Aside from the Midland Police Service Controversy, there a number of other big items on the August 14th regular council, and August 15 special council meetings

Ongoing Midland Police Service Controversy

Current state of affairs, and if contributions are received more history and background, surrounding the disbandment of the Midland Police Service and the Town of Midland's dispute with former chief Mike Osborne


Occasional news bits, happenings, and thoughts about the local municipalities (Town of Midland and County of Simcoe)

Old Site Redirection Fix

Fixed a redirection issue with the most recent old version of (i.e. was pointing to the wrong page on

Package Installation and Updates on an Isolated Network

For your self-hosted systems there are likely hosts you don't want exposed to the wilds of 'The Internet', even for outgoing traffic, but you still want to be able to do package updates. Here is how you do that using NGINX as a proxy on a host on an isolated network and is also on an internet connected network.


All weblogs (blogs) hosted on

CentOS 7 Partial Mirrors and Custom Repositories

Often you don't need a full mirror of CentOS and/or only want a small set of packages from other repositories such as EPEL, so to save bandwidth, space, and time we give a working example of a partial mirror and custom repository setup.

Self-hosted Infrastructure

Various articles and brain dumps, and general tech junkyard of information related to self-hosting various servers and services, usually for private consumption only.

Content Management

Information related to content management with or without an actual CMS (Content Management System).

Web & Mail Hosting

Articles and other documents related to self-hosting web and mail services.


Ancient HOWTO documents for the curious and/or digital historians interested on more ordinary history of the internet and computing.

News of the Dead Code

News items for the Dead Code blog by Daniel F. Dickinson. This folder is intended to declutter the Dead Code front page.

Ancient History

A collection of old articles and info written prior to reconstruction that are no longer relevant to current practice, as a nod to digital historians and other interested parties.

Dead Code

Daniel F. Dickinson's reworked and revived blog for one-off and short series technical creations.

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