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Town Council Continues Hard Work

There is quite a lot of activity at council of late, not just controversy, but decisions regarding planning, the major downtown reconstruction project, and this week, a discussion of updates the transit (amongst other things). Rather than list all the particulars, I will point you at the the Midland Town Council Agenda for September 18, 2019.

Although some councillors, and the mayor can get rather testy, I appreciate that there is a team of individuals who are all working hard for what they believe is important (and hopefully they're listening to residents when they come to that belief). Staff also deserves kudos for working diligently, even during the summer. I (and others) may not agree or be happy with everything that goes on, or is decided, but that's really a reflection of the differing views of different groups in the town, and emphasizes the need for council, and we as residents, to find a way to work together.

Wednesday, August 14

  • The agenda for Midland, Ontario's council meeting of August 14 is quite packed.
  • Aside from the Midland Police Service Controversy (which is actually quite far down the agenda), there are a number of planing matters of importance including:
    • Development Charges Reports (Activity, and By-law and Background Study)
    • Land surplusing
    • Proposal to waive fees for signage for the back lanes for King Street businesses in support of Love Your Laneways which aims to maintain access to King Street (main street Midland) business during the King Street Reconstruction.
    • Deputations and concerns around a proposed change to the
    • King Street Reconstruction schedule (moving the start of some activities to the fall of 2019--this year).
    • Multiple zoning amendments and a site control plan
    • Amendments to zoning by-laws
  • Second Quarter Financial Report
  • MPUC Proceeds Investment Committe creation
  • Deputation and motion regarding a rainbow crosswalk
  • Dealing with traffic trouble spots
  • That members of town committees be assigned municipally controlled and audited email addresses and that committee business not be permitted using personal email and that existing emails concerning committee business be transferred to the Town of Midland.
  • e-Bike regulation
  • Motion that council provide means for persons or vulnerable or concerned about stating their full name and address in public to confirm they are resident or a stakeholder withing the Town of Midland (my addition, e.g. during public meetings).
  • Free disability permit parking
  • Report on Official Pslan Review and new Official Plan adoption (and that official plan review not be delayed further despite the warning of changes from Queen's Park, by Queen's Park).
  • This may be a single item but it's rather a important and hefty one.

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