Ongoing Midland Police Service Controversy

Current state of affairs, and if contributions are received more history and background, surrounding the disbandment of the Midland Police Service and the Town of Midland's dispute with former chief Mike Osborne
Statement of Claim by former chief Osborne

PDF of what has been published on social media (and in a Dropbox) as a (public) court document (Statement of Claim) filed by former chief Osborne against the Town of Midland and the Police Services Board.

Timeline of MPS Controvery on (the online version of the Midland Mirror, the sort of local paper—It has some local news but is not an independent paper) now has timeline of events article.

Town Presentation to Council and Press Release of Council Decision

August 14, 2019 Midland Town Council meeting saw a presentation regarding the encrypted hard drives for which the encryption keys have been withheld (Midland Police Services Controversy) and a decision to pursue legal action for the handing over of the keys and possible legal action against Bill Gordon (currently a member of town council).

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