Dig Down the Barriers

Publish date: Sep 20, 2020
Tags: municipal government accessibility local social media

As a member of the Town of Midland Accessibility Advisory Committee I’ve been tagged on social media regarding complaints people have had about the accessibility in the Town of Midland and heard the complaint that “the town doesn’t care”.

I have some good news to report, but first a little note. The town is very definitely listening to the concerns and where actually aware of them takes action when the town has the capacity to do so. Further, besides responding to public input / complaints, the town does make an effort to proactively identify potential issues and therefore prevents some problems). In addition, even where there is not jurisdiction the town will work with and encourage developers to listen to the concerns, especially of committees like the MAAC. In general the town attempts to work collaboratively rather than taking a ‘big stick’ approach, even where there is a legal requirement involved.

So the good news is the King Street Rejuvenation has created an opportunity to improve the accessibility of the downtown. In collaboration with the BIA, previous MAAC, other interested or affected people and groups, and the company that won the contract, the “Big Dig” when complete (quite possibility substantially so before the snow flies!) will include a number of improvements to accessibility for downtown.

At a recent MAAC meeting the following points were provided by staff as examples:

Below is a list of features that have been included in the design of King St to help improve the accessibility of the street as well as meet the AODA requirements. Let me know if you need any additional information for the committee meeting. Attached is part of the landscape drawings which I think shows the surface details the best. These drawings are also marked up for the potential accessible parking locations which I’ve discussed further below.