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Bots & Bytes Fall 2019

A volunteer project teaching physical computing (computers and electronics that interact with the real world) culminating in a challenge course with a robo-car.


Can be accessed online @ https://tinyurl.com/yyaxnwjg.

Also mirrored (with a different skin) @ https://www.thecshore.com/projects/bots-and-bytes-fall-2019/.

Also available as the Bots & Bytes Fall 2019 PDF

Teaching the Raspberry Pi in Six Modules

A Volunteer Project for the MakerPlace @ the Midland Public Library


  1. Module 1 : Introduction and Control LED (Blinky Lights)
  2. Module 2 : Using Python to Control LED and Buzzer (All Singing, All Dancing)
  3. Module 3 : Practise and Improve (Level Up)
  4. Module 4 : Build the Robo-Car (If You Build It, They Will Come)
  5. Module 5 : Test & Learn the Robo-Car (Smoke Test)
  6. Module 6 : Final Challenge (Mission Accomplished)

Bill of Materials (What you will need)

See Bill of Materials


Additional Information


This series was aimed at a 9 to 11 year old audience in Ontario, Canada (originally a somewhat older audience was expected, and this was our first time doing workshops for kids, so you’ll notice a shift in the presentation towards accommodating the younger members of the group), and their parents. Some references may not apply elsewhere (the US-style keyboard in the copy-paste handout, for instance, would have be updated if the series were to be used in a region with a different standard keyboard).

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Section Contents

  1. What You Will Need
  2. Avoid Typing: Cut & Paste Handout
  3. Module 1: Blinky Lights
  4. A Brief Introduction to Bots & Bytes
  5. Discovering the Raspberry Pi
  6. Getting Started With Mu
  7. Introduction to Electronics
  8. Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins
  9. Lighting an LED
  10. Blinking an LED
  11. Module 2: All Singing, All Dancing
  12. Review of Module 1
  13. An Explanation of Breadboards
  14. Using Buttons to Get Input
  15. Using a Buzzer
  16. Module 3: Level Up
  17. Review of Modules 1 and 2
  18. Loading Files in Mu
  19. The Three Most Basic Concepts in Electronics
  20. Clarifying Breadboards
  21. LED On, LED Off
  22. Easy Button
  23. The Future is Now: Laser Cutting
  24. Module 4: If You Build It, They Will Come
  25. Review of Modules 1-3
  26. Robo-Car Physical Assembly
  27. Robo-Car Wiring
  28. Module 5: Smoke Test
  29. Review of Modules 1-4
  30. Connecting to Robo-Care Wirelessly
  31. Basic Operation
  32. Programming Tips
  33. Ready for Action
  34. Next Week
  35. Module 6: Mission Accomplished
  36. Connecting Wirelessly
  37. Final Challenge
  38. Additional Information: Module 1
  39. Additional Information: Module 1, Part II
  40. Additional Information: Module 1, Part III
  41. Additional Information: Module 1, Part IV
  42. Additional Information: Module 1, Part V
  43. Additional Information: Module 1, Part VI
  44. Additional Information: Module 1, Part VII
  45. Additional Information: Module 1
  46. Extras for Module2: Button Logic
  47. Extras for Module 2: More Python Control
  48. More Mu
  49. Simple Control and Loops in Python
  50. More Control Logic and Loop in Python
  51. Making Traffic lights
  52. Traffic Lights Revisited
  53. Headless Pi
  54. Bots & Bytes 2019: Additional Information
  55. License
  56. README for Bots & Bytes Fall 2019