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Module 1: Blinky Lights

An intro the Raspberry Pi, programming, and physical computing ending with a blinking LED.

Table of Contents

Teaching the Raspberry Pi in Six Modules

A Volunteer Project for the MakerPlace @ the Midland Public Library

Module 1: “Blinky Lights”

  1. A Brief Introduction
  2. Learning about the Pi and Putting it Together
  3. Introducing Mu (Python Editor)
  4. Introducing Electronics
  5. GPIO Pins
  6. Lighting an LED and Turning it On and Off
  7. Blinking an LED

Objectives - Module 1

  • Insert SD card with pre-configured Raspbian OS — direction following, simple disassembly/assembly, experience seeing the physical basis of modern computers (the bare board and connectors)

  • Learn to use the Mu Editor for Python - using a text editor, coding, debugging

  • Learn Just Enough Python to ‘do stuff’ with LED - coding, debugging

  • Control an LED using Python — coding, physical computing (control an output), outputting a code (flash LED according to some logic)

  • Control an LED using Sensors and Python - coding, physical computing (control input/output)

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