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Module 2: All Singing, All Dancing

More working with the Raspberry Pi and electronics, including buttons, a buzzer.

Table of Contents

Teaching the Raspberry Pi in Six Modules

A Volunteer Project for the MakerPlace @ the Midland Public Library

Module 2: “All Singing, All Dancing”

  1. Review from Module 1
  2. An Explanation of Breadboards
  3. Using Buttons to get Input
  4. Using a Buzzer

Objectives - Module 2

  •   Learn to use digital input devices with the Raspberry Pi -
      physical computing, digital i/o (input/output) — (accept an
      input, act on input, control an output)
  •   Learn very basic electronics - electronic switches, on/off circuit
  •   Learn to use more output devices - physical computing, digital i/o
      (input/output), control logic - (electronics, coding, logic)

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