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Module 3: Level Up

Practise and improve what's already been learned, with specific focus on what is required for the robo-car.

Table of Contents

Teaching the Raspberry Pi in Six Modules

A Volunteer Project for the MakerPlace @ the Midland Public Library

Module 3: “Level Up”

  1. Review from Modules 1 & 2
  2. Loading Files in Mu
  3. The Three Most Basic Concepts in Electronics
  4. Clarifying breadboards
  5. LED On, LED Off
  6. The Easy Button
  7. The Future is Now: Laser Cutting

Objectives for Module 3

  • Be ready for the robo-car build in module 4 and use in module 5
  • Learn the concept of electrical flow (current) and circuit
  • Understand breadboards
  • Practise and improve coding skills and reinforce electronics hookup and control via code, in preparation for controlling the robo-car.

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