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Module 5: Smoke Test

Putting the robo-car through it's paces by using a program on a laptop that allows you to control the Pi (the brains of the robo-car).

Table of Contents

Teaching the Raspberry Pi in Six Modules

A Volunteer Project for the MakerPlace @ the Midland Public Library

Module 5 – Operating the RoboCar

Tues October 15

  1. Review from Modules 1-4
  2. Connecting Wirelessly
  3. Basic Operation
  4. Programming Tips
  5. Ready for Action
  6. Next Week

Historical Note

The first power on of an electronics project is called a smoke test because in the early days of electronics, the first test of devices often failed spectacularly with lots smoke and fried components. Modern electronics is much safer.


Objectives for Module 5

  • Verify the robo-car build
  • Learn how to run a program to control the robo-car, from a laptop.

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