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What You Will Need

Table of Contents


Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi
  • At least 8 GB SD card with Raspbian “Buster”
  • Reliable micro-USB 2A power supply
  • Keyboard (USB)
  • Mouse (USB)
  • Monitor (HDMI)

Additional Components (Minimum)

1x Solderless breadboardMale-to-female jumper leadsFemale-to-female jumper leadsMale-to-male jumper leads
breadboardm to f jumper leadsf to f jumper leadsm to m jumper leads
1x Tactile button3x LEDsPiezo Buzzer
tactile buttonLEDpiezo buzzer
  • NB It would be useful to have more LED and more buttons (at least), for testing more complex arrangements.


There are no additional software requirements for this resource beyond what is pre-installed in the current Raspbian image. To make sure your SD card is up-to-date, see the updating Raspbian guide .