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Introduction to Electronics

Table of Contents

Power vs Ground & Short Circuits


Ground is so-named because in power distribution it is achieved by connection a metal rod into the ground. Another name you may hear is ‘neutral’ because it is at about the same level as a normal environment.


Current (amount of electricity) flows from power to ground, and the higher the level of power(voltage), the more current that flows.

Short Circuits

If power is connected directly to ground it’s known as a short circuit because as much current as is possible will flow through the wire. This is usually a bad thing because it will generate large amounts of heat and ‘fry’ the connection.


Explain rows vs columns, and the power traces.


A device the resists the flow of electricity.


What it is

Light Emitting Diode — A diode only lets electricity through in one direction. For an LED, when electricity if flowing through the diode, it lights up.

Physical Characteristics (Oriention/Polarity)

  • Long leg opposite flat edge
  • Which way it’s connected (which side to power and which side to ground), matters.
  • The proper orientation is: