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Review of Module 1

Table of Contents


The presentation and handouts will have a horizontal line across the page in various spots. At those locations, you are to signal the instructor that you have reached that point and are waiting on others to move on to the next section.

We’re doing this so that the instructor can provide information to the entire group at once, in a clear and consistent fashion.

We’re going to try letting you experiment while you’re waiting, but that will only work if you are paying attention to the instructor and the rest of the class so that you can stop the extra activity and focus on the main discussion when everyone is ready.


  • Pi is a computer & what a computer is
    • What is in a computer, and what does the Pi have?
  • Booting the Pi
    • Let’s do that now
  • Launching Mu
    • Find Mu and open it.
  • Review of GPIO pins
    • Recall that GPIO pins are for digital input (getting information from the world) and digital output (sending signals to the world, usually to cause some action).
    • Recall that the GPIO number is not the name as the position it has on the header (double row of pins) on the Pi.
    • Let’s review how to read the GPIO chart.