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Review of Modules 1 and 2

Table of Contents


A reminder that the presentation and handouts will have a horizontal line across the page in various spots. At those locations, you are to signal the instructor that you have reached that point and are waiting on others to move on to the next section.

We’re doing this so that the instructor can provide information to the entire group at once, in a clear and consistent fashion.

Robo-Car Demo

  • What did you think of the robo-car demo that was happening when you came in, especially knowing you’re going to build one of them?

Sharing and Turn-Taking

  • Pilot and navigator
  • Pilot controls keyboard and mouse
  • Navigator can advise but doesn’t touch keyboard or mouse
  • A reminder on sharing
  • Switch who is pilot and who is navigator regularly, and fairly.


  • Booting the Pi
  • This time watch the small LEDs on the Pi as it boots (this will help you know when the Pi is booted, when the Pi is on the Robo- car and you don’t have a monitor attached).
  • Discuss: Connecting devices to GPIOs
  • Discuss: Controlling them via Python