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Clarifying Breadboards

  • We’re reviewing this to help you when we hook up the components in the next two sections.

    Diagram of Breadboard - Top View

  • The above diagram is a representation of a breadboard as seen from the top and seeing through the plastic.

  • Notice the holes — these are the holes in which the jumpers are pushed, and are made of metal in order to conduct electricity (act as channels for the electricity).

  • Notice that across the bottoms of the holes, along the rows, are flat wires — these connect the five holes in each row to each other (acting as channels for the electricity).

  • Note that the columns are not connected (so there can be no flow between columns unless you add a jumper between the holes in different columns).

  • Take a look at see the diagram from the previous module, and see if you can see how it lines up with the new diagram.

    Marked up breadboard

    Diagram of Breadboard - Top View

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