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Bots & Bytes 2019: Additional Information

Table of Contents

Original Introduction for Physical Computing

What you will do

Learn how to use the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi to interface with electronic components, such as LEDs and PIRs.

What you will learn

This resource covers elements from the following strands of the Raspberry Pi Digital Making Curriculum {:target=”_blank”}:

You can find the solutions for this project here

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Original Conclusion to Physical Computing (Pi Curriculum)

What next?

Try some of our other physical computing projects which use Python:

  • Burping jelly baby
    • turn a jelly baby into an input device for your Raspberry Pi.
  • GPIO music box
    • make a device thats plays music when you push its buttons.
  • Quick Reaction Game
    • use electronics to create a quick reaction game which you will program using Python.
  • Build a robot buggy
    • build a robot buggy that you can program to move around using simple Python commands.