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Version 1.2.0

Modern high-contrast CSS3 & HTML5 Hugo theme inspired by old-school themes.

It attempts to be accessible, private, and responsive.

The theme is currently a work in progress, but is still working well at https://thecshore.com.

You can view thedocumentation for New OldNew Mashup Theme

Examples of Sites Using This Theme

Interesting Features

Even Lazier Blogger Menus and Navigation

This theme implements menus and navigation without requiring additional metadata (e.g. menu: entries). First, it automatically creates a menu bar based on the top level sections and their sibling pages and sub-sections (from which individual pages or sections can be excluded). Likewise, on each page we generate buttons for linear traversal (Previous|Next) and Up. That means, except for pages which are intentionally excluded, that the entire site can be read from landing page to last page of the last section by clicking ‘Enter Site’, and then ‘Next’ on every subsequent page.

Finally the right sidebar will contain a navigation menu for the current section and one level of subsections.

A note on navigation and display order

The linear traversal mentioned above uses Hugo's default Page ordering, which means you can set the ‘weight’ metadata in the front-matter of pages that are not naturally in the order you wish (basic ordering is by date). Lower weight sorts earlier.

This theme implements a search functionality using Fuse.js, Mark.js, and some custom code.

Contact Form

The theme includes basic support for a contact form (given an appropriate server-side POST receiver).

This theme has an archetype and taxonomy that make it easy to indicate the copyright and licensing for your pages. In the front-matter add the license (or licenses) as a list in a licenses field, and copyright in a copyright field.

copyright: © 2019 Daniel F. Dickinson
  - CC-BY-4.0

The copyright and license information will appear in the colophon in the footer of the page.

You can mix and match licenses as you wish (in terms of the above scheme, whether the licenses can actually work together is another story).

Date and Time of Publishing

Three dates and times are available for every page and are included in the footer by default: creation, modification, and site generation.

RSS Feeds

Hugo's RSS feed generation is enabled and linked to from the footer.

Goal: 100% W3C valid HTML5 and CSS3

Efforts are made to keep the theme 100% valid HTML5 and CSS3 according the the https://w3.org Unicorn validator.

At present, due to the requirement to support IE11, there are non-compliant media queries used to detect IE11.

Human-readable sitemap

A Human-readable sitemap shortcode is available.


Hugo Taxonomies are implemented.


If you wish to make a submission, please send a pull request.

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