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Recent News

Fixed Contact Form Issues

Due to changes in Hugo the contact form generation was no longer correct. The site has been updated fix that.

Fixed Contact Form Issues

There was an error linking to the contact form as well as the contact form not actually being displayed. This is now fixed.

Add IE11 Support to Oldnew Mashup

Add IE11 Support to OldNew mashup IE11 Used Too Much to Drop (Yet) Because too many people still use Internet Explorer 11, I have added support for IE11 back into the site's theme.

Msmtp Scripts Future in Question

WARNING: msmtp-scripts project usefulness / viability being reexamined. For more information, and if you have a comments please post at https://answers.launchpad.net/msmtp-scripts/+question/685755.

Bots and Bytes Updates in Progress

Have no fear; the missing modules are being formatted for the web and will be appearing on this site as time permits.

Website Updates in Progress

After a bit of a hiatus website updates are once again in progress.

Rebuild Complete

Rebuild Complete The rebuild of The C Shore is now complete. While it was motivated by a site misconfiguration it was also an opportunity to change the backend and to refresh the host.

Bots and Bytes at the Makerplace Midland Public Library

Bots & Bytes at the Makerplace Midland Public Library Bots & Bytes Teaching the Rasbperry Pi In Six Modules A team of volunteers, including myself, will be presenting "Bots & Bytes"

Dropping MOSUG

Dropping MOSUG I have too many other projects and there doesn't seem to be local interest in such a group, therefore MOSUG (Midland Open Source Users Group) is hereby cancelled until further notice.

Redesign Started

Redesign Started As promised the rebuild of The C Shore is in progress. Since the operator needs to recreate everything (although with lots of copying) for the rebuild, they are refactoring the site and using a completely different backend.

thecshore.com Server Misconfiguration

thecshore.com Server Misconfiguration If you visited any site ending in .thecshore.com, the record of your IP address visiting this site was visible from about June to Aug 5 A number of email addresses from and to thecshore.

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