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New Project: Armshorian

I've forked pi-gen in order to modify it to build generic Debian images for ARM devices (including Debian-supported versions of the Pi), as well as more stock-debian-like Raspbian images.

Because of plans to improve on (Almost) Modern Debian on a Craig CLP281 Netbook — V1 , part of which involves building a Debian image for armel with my preferred configuraion for the user, as well as my wish to have a closer to stock Debian image for my Pi Model B+ (which requires Raspbian as stock Debian does not support the Pi as far as I know), I have forked RPi-Distro/pi-gen which is used to create the official https://raspberrypi.org images.

I’ve currently got a satisfactory command line only image to use as the basis of Debian (really Raspbian) servers on the Pi Model B+, and a significant amount of the work needed to build desktop images for armel devices (but non-Raspbian builds have not yet been implemented, so it’s not quite there yet).

The project GitHub is cshoredaniel/armshorian-gen , and the Armshorian Project information is available on this site.

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