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Refactor Merge Started

A great deal of work has gone into a refactor/redesign of the theme, and now it is being merged into mainline.

Armshorian Images Update

The -lite images were failing to correctly start SSH. New images have been generated that correct this.

New Project: Armshorian

I've forked pi-gen in order to modify it to build generic Debian images for ARM devices (including Debian-supported versions of the Pi), as well as more stock-debian-like Raspbian images.

IE 11 & Mobile Improvements

Vastly improved IE 11 and mobile styling

Msmtp Scripts Abandoned

Msmtp Scripts project is now officially abandoned.

Security Policy Change Broke Contact Form (Again!)

The contact form got broken (again!) by a security policy change in the underlying OS for this site. That’s been fixed and I’ve added alternate contact information in case more breakage occurs. Which of course means there won’t be more breakage.

Fixed Contact Form Issues

Due to changes in Hugo the contact form generation was no longer correct. The site has been updated fix that.

Fixed Contact Form Issues

There was an error linking to the contact form as well as the contact form not actually being displayed. This is now fixed.

Add IE11 Support to Oldnew Mashup

I've added Internet Explorer 11 support in the site's theme

Msmtp Scripts Future in Question

Question the usefulness and viability of msmtp-scripts

Website Updates in Progress

Website updates are finally back in progress

Rebuild Complete

The C Shore Site Rebuild Complete

Dropping MOSUG

Too many other projects / not enough interest

Redesign Started

The C Shore Site Reconstruction Started

thecshore.com Server Misconfiguration

While switching the server software I use, I got the redirection logic wrong, and some information that I normally wouldn't publish ended up visible.

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