Mutual Aid in a Fragmented Society (COVID-19 Response)

The following are a couple of emails I wrote and sent to a number of people because I want to use my skills to help in this crisis, but have found it difficult to find a useful way to do so. It’s rather frustrating to say the least. These may not the most exemplary emails in the world, but I think they are reflective of what a number of folks feel, even if for different skills, or other concerns.

MPS Encrypted Data

MPS Encrypted Data Note that date of article is date first item (at end of this page) was originally published, not the date it was consolidated and moved during a rebuild of the site. My (hopefully) Final Thoughts on the Matter I now think this has been way over-dramatized and ended up a sideshow that it didn't need to be, and Councillor Gordon now characterizing it as a data breach is beating a dead horse.