Updates for New Year

You may have noticed some minor upgrades to the site (like a feature image for most posts and a sitemap) as well the name change. I decided that it made sense to stick with the original name of the site, in part because it is the name of the domain on which I am hosting it.

Moved and Renovated Site

I have moved this website to a new provider and back-end, and in process I’ve done major renovations. If you notice any problems with the new site, please let me know!

Moved ‘professional’ away — This is personal

I’ve moved my “professional / technical” content to https://www.danielfdickinson.ca. This site will remain my personal website. You may observe that there a number of other changes to the site, not the least of which is a ‘less formal’ font and theme for the site (for now at least). I’ve decided the theme I’ve been designing… Continue reading Moved ‘professional’ away — This is personal