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Essay From the Archives: Princes and Madmen

I still rather like this little piece I wrote a long time ago, so I’ve pulled my thoughts on Princes and Madmen from the archives. I hope you like it.

Poetry From the Archives

I’ve begun the gradual pull of things of items from archives into the new site. For the moment I have picked two poems from 1994 - 1995 which is the period when I was first diagnosed with a mental illness. These poems are not obviously poems related to my mental illness (there are others, which I probably won’t share, which are), but the fact I was writing poetry at all had more to do with a need to express myself due to being in crisis than due to fancying myself as a poet or an author of fiction.

Moved 'professional' away. This is personal.

I’ve moved my “professional / technical” content to This site will remain my personal website. You may observe that there a number of other changes to the site, not the least of which is a ‘less formal’ font and theme for the site (for now at least). I’ve decided the theme I’ve been designing is really still too experimental and needs to be relegated to test mode while I pick away at it.