The Ironic Integrity Weapon

Publish date: Oct 3, 2020
Tags: local municipal government opinion integrity mental health

Withdrawn. I wrote the original post while not at my best and regret doing so.

I plan on adding at least some of the topics back, but in a more positive presentation, and with more forethought.

While it is difficult to put a hold on posts in a single user environment, this particular post occurred in combination with an email.

In the past when I was running my own email server I implemented a way to require a hold on emails, and that it couldn’t (easily) be overridden until a configured time had elapsed. I found that helped me help myself when in an ‘elevated’ state where my judgement is impaired (I can only imagine how bad it could get if I were into substances rather than being a teetotaller due to the severe medication consequences of mixing even alcohol with medication I have to take).

I have not yet figure out how to implement that in Microsoft Exchange Online (now that I am using Microsoft 365 for Business as my email provider), but it’s now a high priority item on my todo list.

Hopefully, too, at my next appointment we’ll add an appropriate medical intervention.

I don’t like the way I am when ‘elevated’, but at the moment I have to find of ways of managing it, because it is part of my reality.